Free Range Chicken Thighs

Bone in for flavoursome, slower cooked dishes or oven baking.

Ingredients: 100% Chicken

Nutritional information*

Energy 608kJ 608kJ
Protein 17.5g 17.5g
Fat - total 8.4g 8.4g
-saturated 2.5g 2.5g
Carbohydrate 0g 0g
Sugars 0g 0g
Sodium 41mg 41mg
*All values are considered averages.

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Chicken Thigh Cutlets

Chicken thighs are a tasty and relatively cheaper protein option – perfect for your family! Our Bird & Barrow free range chicken thighs can be bought from your local supermarket. They are available as free range chicken thigh cutlets and free range boneless chicken thighs also known as chicken thigh fillets.

Why Bird & Barrow is a Top Provider of Chicken Thighs NZ-Wide

When it comes to chicken thighs in NZ, not all are created equal. Here at Bird & Barrow, our chicken is a cut above the rest, and here’s why:

Uncompromised Welfare

Our chickens live a good life. They roam around freely, soaking up the sun and enjoying the fresh New Zealand air. When they’re happy, it shows in the quality of the meat they produce. Every time you choose Bird & Barrow, you’re not just buying chicken. You’re making a choice that backs up good animal practices and welfare.

Rich and Succulent

If flavour were to be ranked, chicken thigh cutlets would be among the top contenders. Thanks to their fat content, they’re juicier compared to other cuts.

Cook it Your Way

Our free range boneless chicken thighs taste delightful with a host of marinades and spices. Grill them, bake them, stew them – they are up for anything.

Options Galore

Struggling to decide which cut to choose? Our classic free range chicken thighs are a customer favourite. Prefer boneless? We’ve got free range boneless chicken thighs too. And for those who like their thighs neat and tidy, our chicken thigh cutlets, NZ style, are a real treat. They retain the bone but come with minimal skin and fat.

Why Bird & Barrow is the Choice of Many

Quality at its Best: We are meticulous. From the way our chickens are raised to the way they are processed, quality is our goal.

Proudly New Zealand: By choosing our chicken thighs, you’re not just getting premium quality meat, but you’re also supporting our local NZ farmers.

Honesty in Every Packet: With Bird & Barrow, what you see is what you get. Our free range chicken thighs are exactly that – free range and following the highest welfare standards.

Cooking with Chicken Thighs

Chicken thighs in NZ are a versatile, tasty cut of meat suitable for most cooking methods.

Grilling to Perfection: Planning a BBQ? Free range chicken thigh cutlets NZ are ideal. Marinate them for a couple of hours and grill them for that perfect char and flavour.

Baking: A drizzle of olive oil, a sprinkle of salt and pepper, and a dash of herbs are all you need to bake those thighs to perfection.

Slow Cook: If you fancy curries or stews, chicken thighs will add that depth of flavour necessary for a delicious meal.

Storing and Handling Bird & Barrow Thighs

To ensure you get the best out of our chicken thighs, it is essential to store and handle them properly. Please see below for some tips.

Refrigeration: If you plan to cook the thighs within a couple of days, refrigerate them at temperatures below 4°C.

Freezing: For longer storage, you can freeze the thighs on the day of purchase. Store below -18 degrees Celsius. Once thawed, cook within 24 hours and don’t refreeze.

Hygiene: Always wash your hands and equipment in hot soapy water after handling raw chicken. Use separate kitchen tools and surfaces for raw and cooked foods to avoid cross-contamination.

Where to Find Bird & Barrow’s Chicken Thighs

Thinking of making a purchase? Our delightful range, from chicken thigh cutlets to the boneless variety, is available in butcheries, supermarkets and other independent stocklists all across New Zealand.

Buy Bird & Barrow Chicken Thighs Today

Bird & Barrow has always been synonymous with trust and quality in the world of chicken. If you’re looking for the best chicken thigh cutlets NZ has available, you’ve come to the right place. Check out our offerings today!

Recipes using Bird and Barrow Free Range Chicken Thighs