Free Range Chicken Drumsticks

Full of flavour and so versatile for baking, BBQ, serve as a meal or favourite finger food.

Ingredients: 100% Chicken

Nutritional information*

Energy 645kJ 645kJ
Protein 17.6g 17.6g
Fat - total 9.3g 9.3g
-saturated 2.8g 2.8g
Carbohydrate 0g 0g
Sugars 0g 0g
Sodium 67mg 67mg
*All values are considered averages.

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Chicken Drumsticks

Chicken drumsticks are a staple in many meals across the globe, used for their flavour and versatile cooking options. At Bird & Barrow, we proudly offer chicken drumsticks NZ consumers can’t get enough of. 

Why Choose Free Range Chicken Drumsticks?

Choosing free range means opting for quality, taste, and responsible treatment of our birds. Ourchickens are raised with the utmost care, ensuring that our free range chicken legs are not only delicious but also come from a chicken that had a good life. Here’s what makes our drumsticks special:

Texture: Expect a firmer, juicier bite, thanks to the active lives these chickens lead.

Healthier Option: With no added hormones, ourfree range chicken drumsticksare as good as it gets.

Quality Chicken Drumsticks NZ Can’t Get Enough Of

Every chicken that’s part of the Bird & Barrow family is raised under New Zealand’s skies, enjoying the fresh air and green pastures. We believe in responsible farming to give quality chicken drumsticks to our customers. When you buy our free range chicken legs, you’re not just getting a product; you’re buying into our philosophy of care and quality.

Buy Free Range Chicken Drumsticks

Chicken drumsticks are a staple in many meals across the globe, used predominantly for their flavour and tenderness once cooked. At Bird & Barrow, we proudly offer high-quality chicken drumsticks NZ consumers can’t get enough of.

Cooking with Chicken Drumsticks

The beauty of chicken drumsticks is their adaptability to be used in a myriad of recipes. Whether baked, grilled, or slow-cooked, here are some general cooking tips for our free range chicken drumsticks:

 Baking: Preheat your oven to 200°C. Season the free range chicken drumsticks as desired and place them on a baking tray. Bake for about 45 minutes or until fully cooked.

Grilling/BBQ: Ensure your grill/BBQ is preheated. Season the drumsticks and place them on the grill, turning occasionally for even cooking. This should take about 25-30 minutes.

Slow-Cooking: Perfect for curries and stews. Brown the drumsticks first in a pan, then transfer to a slow cooker with your choice of sauce or broth. Let it simmer until the meat is tender and fully cooked. 

Storing and Handling Bird & Barrow Drumsticks

To ensure you get the best out of our chicken drumsticks, it is essential to store and handle them properly. Please see below for some tips. 

Refrigeration: If you plan to cook the drumsticks within a couple of days, refrigerate them at temperatures below 4°C.

Freezing: For longer storage, you can freeze the drumsticks on the day of purchase. Store below -18 degrees Celsius. Once thawed, cook within 24 hours and don’t refreeze.

Hygiene: Always wash your hands and equipment in hot soapy water after handling raw chicken. Use separate kitchen tools and surfaces for raw and cooked foods to avoid cross-contamination.

Why do our Bird & Barrow Drumsticks Stand Out?

Our Bird & Barrow chickens are raised in New Zealand and are given the best care possible from the moment they are hatched till they arrive on supermarket shelves.

 Ourfree range chicken drumsticksare high quality, so you can be proud of the meals you create. 

Free Range Chicken Legs coming soon

Recipes using Bird and Barrow Free Range Chicken Drumsticks