From the moment they’re hatched, our birds are given the best care possible.

Our farmers raise their free range flocks with genuine care to ensure our chickens are always naturally healthy. Free to roam, and raised in New Zealand means you can be proud of the Bird&Barrow meals you create.

A well raised bird is a healthier bird

Our chickens are

They can spread their wings, forage for seeds and insects and experience natural light and fresh air together. However, for the sake of their wellbeing, our farmers keep a watchful eye on them in case of bad weather and predators.

Hormone Free

We’ve never added hormones and we never will.

our birds are proudly raised in new zealand

Our Animal Welfare standards are some of the highest in the world.

Our farmers are passionate about the welfare of our flocks. They adhere strictly with the New Zealand Standards of Animal Welfare. Our farms are regularly and independently audited and follow stringent bio-security measures to help protect the health of our birds.