From the moment they’re hatched, our free range chickens in NZ are given the best care possible.

Our farmers raise their free range chickens with genuine care to ensure our flocks are always naturally healthy. Free to roam, and raised in New Zealand, means you can be proud of the Bird&Barrow meals you create.

A well raised bird is a healthier bird

Our chickens are
Free Range

Our chickens enjoy a free-to-roam environment. They have space to spread their wings and forage for seeds and insects, benefiting from natural light and fresh air. Set against a beautiful landscape, our New Zealand free range chickens are well taken care of, and we take pride in our commitment to their welfare. Our farmers keep a watchful eye on them, ensuring their safety from unpredictable weather and potential threats.

Hormone Free

We’re proud of the fact that we’ve never added hormones to our  New Zealand free range chicken and we never will. 

our birds are proudly raised in new zealand

Our Animal Welfare standards are some of the highest in the world.

We aim for the gold standard. Not only are our Animal Welfare standards amongst the best in the world, our farmers are extremely passionate about the welfare of our flocks and make sure our birds get the best life they can. They adhere strictly with the New Zealand Standards of Animal Welfare. Bird and Barrow produce high quality New Zealand free range chicken. 

We're not just talking about cage free chicken; we're boasting about genuine New Zealand free range chicken. Our free range chicken farms are regularly and independently audited and follow stringent bio-security measures to help protect the health of our birds. Looking to buy free range chicken? Bird and Barrow produce high quality free range chicken NZ made!


What exactly is free range chicken?

Our Bird and Barrow free range chickens in NZ are free to roam around outside. Once our chickens are fully feathered (at approximately 10-14 days), they are given access to the outdoors during daylight hours to forage, explore and spread their wings. At night they return to the barn to keep warm and safe.

How do you ensure the welfare of your birds?

Our farmers are passionate and adhere strictly to New Zealand Standards of Animal Welfare. Our farms are frequently audited and follow strict biosecurity measures to protect our birds health. Our chickens are also raised naturally without any artificial growth hormones. Their health and welfare are maintained through proper nutrition, good farming practices, and regular care.

What is the difference between Cage free Chicken and Free Range chicken?

“Cage free chicken” are birds that are able to roam freely around their barns. “Free range chicken” are birds that are able to roam freely around their barns. They are provided additional access outside, once they are fully feathered. We pride ourselves on producing high quality New Zealand free range chicken.

Do you have any tips for cooking your chicken?

We produce high quality free range chicken, so you don’t need to do much!

The Poultry Industry Association of New Zealand recommends that the internal temperature for bone-in chicken should be 82°C and the internal temperature for all other chicken should be 76°C. A useful guide is to cook until the juices run clear.

We have mouth-watering recipes and additional tips available on our website for preparing our products, from free range chicken mince to free range whole chicken

Can I buy bulk free range chicken?

Absolutely! We offerour bulk free range chicken to Butcheries, Supermarkets and other Independent Stockists. Get in touch to find out more about our deals.

How can I buy Bird & Barrow free range chicken in NZ?

Simply buy free range chicken at one of our many stockists. We have a full range of cuts available. Be it our chicken thighs in NZ or chicken drumsticks NZ, we are proud of our high quality, free range chicken.