The Bird & Barrow commitment to care.


Our birds’ welfare is our priority

From the moment they’re hatched we are committed to doing everything we can to care for and nurture every bird.


Our birds are well protected

When they are small we keep them warm and safe.


Our birds are

Our flocks are Free-To-Roam if they want to but our farmers monitor weather and temperature throughout the day to ensure the birds are comfortable and that their environment contributes to their overall health.

Every day we challenge ourselves to find new and better ways to care for our birds.


We rely on specialist and expert knowledge

The Bird & Barrow cooperative of passionate farmers work closely with specialist poultry nutritionists and expert poultry vets to make certain our birds are in the best health.


We treat our birds with respect and dignity

We don’t do this because we have to, we do this because we genuinely care for and respect every single bird.


There are no added hormones

We never have and never would.