Free Range Chicken (Whole)

You can enjoy Bird & Barrow Free Range chicken with absolutely no additives – ever.

Find in select Supermarkets and Butchers across New Zealand.

Ingredients: 100% Chicken

Nutritional information*

Energy 702kJ
Protein 18.5g
Fat - total 10.5g
-saturated 3.2g
Carbohydrate 0g
Sugars 0g
Sodium 51mg
*All values are considered averages.

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Free Range Whole Chicken

Cooking a Whole Chicken is a great meal option that you can share with family and friends. Another advantage of cooking our Bird & Barrow free range whole chicken is having leftover chicken that can be used for meal prepping for the week.

Why Choose a Free Range Whole Chicken?

With various sections like the breast, thighs, and wings, a free range whole chicken is a versatile option for cooking. Don’t forget those bones either; they’re the secret to flavourful broths and stocks.

The Advantages of Bird & Barrow’s Free Range Whole Chicken

Prioritising Animal Well-being

Our Bird and Barrow free range chickens in NZ are free to roam around outside. Once our chickens are fully feathered (at approximately 10-14 days), they are given access to the outdoors during daylight hours to forage, explore and spread their wings. At night they return to the barn to keep warm and safe.

Cooking with a Free Range Chicken (Whole)

Whole chickens are perfect for a delicious meal or even used for meal prepping other recipes.


Roasting is a timeless classic for cooking a free range chicken whole, and for good reason. Simply season your chicken to your liking. If you’re feeling a bit adventurous, consider stuffing your chicken with your favourite ingredients, such as lemon, garlic, or even a homemade breadcrumb mixture.


When grilling, it’s important to ensure even heat distribution. Turning the chicken occasionally helps in achieving that perfect crispy skin, all while maintaining a juicy, flavourful interior. Pair it with some grilled veggies or a fresh salad, and you’ve got yourself a delicious nutritious meal.


While it might sound plain, the outcome is anything but that! As the chicken boils, it becomes remarkably tender, practically melting in your mouth. The broth that results is a rich, flavourful base for many dishes. Whether you’re planning on making a chicken noodle soup or a heartier stew, boiled chicken is a great starting point.

Storing and Handling Bird & Barrow Free Range Whole Chicken

When you’ve invested in a high-quality free range whole chicken, ensuring its freshness is crucial. Here’s how you can best preserve your free range chicken, whole, or in pieces. Please see below for some tips.

Refrigeration: If you plan to cook the chicken within a couple of days, refrigerate it at temperatures below 4°C.

Freezing: For longer storage, you can freeze the chicken on the day of purchase. Store below -18 degrees Celsius. Once thawed, cook within 24 hours and don’t refreeze.

Hygiene: Always wash your hands and equipment in hot soapy water after handling raw chicken. Use separate kitchen tools and surfaces for raw and cooked foods to avoid cross-contamination.

Why does Bird & Barrow Free Range Whole Chicken Stand Out?

Our Bird & Barrow chickens are raised in New Zealand and are given the best care possible from the moment they are hatched till they arrive on supermarket shelves. Our free range whole chicken is high quality, so you can be proud of the meals you create.

Purchasing Bird & Barrow’s Free Range Whole Chicken

Experience the difference with our free range chicken. Whole chickens are one of our most popular products, but we also offer a range of other delicious cuts, from thighs to drumsticks and breasts.

Recipes using Bird and Barrow Free Range Chicken (Whole)